Basic Course in Astronomy

Have you wondered about the objects in the night sky? Or about the laws governing the working of the universe? The Basic Course in Astronomy is designed for students who want to gain the knowledge that will help them to unlock the mysteries of the universe. It is intended for anyone who wishes to develop and sharpen their interests in Astronomy and aid them in building a strong foundation that leads to fulfilling their education and career goals in Astronomy and Space Science.


  • Getting a formal introduction to Astronomy and Space Science
  • Study of celestial sphere and the basics of observing the sky.
  • Knowing about scale of Universe, relative sizes of different objects in the universe.
  • Developing and fostering scientific and critical thinking.
  • Inducing independent thinking and creating aptitude for research.
  • Training on handling and working of professional astronomical telescope.
  • Learning about the progression of Astronomy from an observational to a scientific field.
  • Learning about various tools and techniques used by astronomers for observations and research.
  • Learning about the impact of Astronomy on daily life through technology transfer and applications.
  • Providing a suitable foundation and guidance for further education and career in Astronomy.