Intermediate Course in Astronomy

This is the follow-up course to the Basic course in Astronomy. This course intends to provide an in-depth understanding of core concepts such as compact objects, propulsion systems, Space Exploration, Astrochemistry & Astrobiology, tools & techniques of Astronomy, Spectroscopy, etc. At the end of the course, students will be acquainted with higher education and career opportunities in the field of Astronomy & Space Science.


  • Getting a formal introduction to Astronomy and Space Science
  • Study of celestial sphere and the basics of observing the sky.
  • Knowing about scale of Universe, relative sizes of different objects in the universe.
  • Developing and fostering scientific and critical thinking.
  • Inducing independent thinking and creating aptitude for research.
  • Learning about the progression of Astronomy from an observational to a scientific field.
  • Training on handling and working of professional astronomical telescope.
  • Learning about various tools and techniques used by astronomers for observations and research.
  • Learning about the impact of Astronomy on daily life through technology transfer and applications.
  • Providing a suitable foundation and guidance for further education and career in Astronomy.