Refund and Cancellation Policy

Thank you for buying our courses. We want to make sure that our users have a rewarding experience while they are discovering information, assessing, and purchasing our training courses, whether it may be for online or classNameroom training courses. As with any online purchase experience, the below are the terms and conditions that govern the Refund Policy. When you buy a training course on the India Space Week website you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of use policy and the points below. (India Space Week, reserves the right to postpone/cancel an event because of instructor illness or force-majeure events (like floods, earthquakes, political instability, pandemic situation like COVID19, etc.) Refund and Cancellation Policy 1.Course fee as mentioned in the fee structure for the respective course page is non-refundable in any case.
2.Course fee will be refundable to the candidates only when institute is not organizing or or cancelling the course in which candidate has taken the admission the deposited the fee.
3.All students are admitted provisionally till they deposit all prescribed fees, pass certificates as per eligibility criteria, other certificates as applicable.
4.Any student who does not comply with the formalities of admission within the stipulated time, India Space Week shall have the right to cancel his/her admission. Refund of fees in such cases shall not be permissible.
5.India Space Week is not responsible for any delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the India Space Week and the applicant.
6.No interest is paid on a refund of any fees/deposit.
7.No refund will be provided for the academic institute tie up courses.
8.If the delegate doesn't turn up on the given schedule then no refund will be provided.
9.Raise refund request within 7 days of commencement of the first session. Any refund request beyond 7 days of purchasing the course will not be accepted and no refund will be provided.
10.No refund will be done for Self Paced courses.
11.No refund will be provided and access will be revoked , If anytime found course is been shared with others / multiple users or intention of course purchase is to copy the material/ Content and account will be blocked at the same time.
12.Note: All refunds will be processed within 20 working days of receipt of the refund request