Theme India Space Week - Space for Education 2023

Each year, the India Space Week (ISW) selects a theme for the upcoming India Space Week (ISW) to provide a focus of the activities and events that take a place throughout the India, during 12 -18 August. The India Space Week (ISW) 2023 theme is “Space for Education”. The theme for India Space Week 2023, “Space for Education”, recognizes the growing significance of the Educational space institute in space, and the increasing opportunities for space education and new benefits of space developed by space education. With miniaturization and decreasing launch costs, it is now possible for a small business to build and launch a small satellite, and for entrepreneurs to create valuable new data products for governments and institute. India Space Week 2023 will inspire students worldwide to study STEM and business, and offer space companies and institutions the opportunity to recruit the Space Lab and Space teacher needed for the expanding educational space industry. It will also serve as a forum for important discussions on the transition of Low Earth Orbit to a more entrepreneurial and educational ecosystem. The growth of India Space Week reflects widespread acceptance of this synchronized time frame to celebrate space, inspire students using space, and promote space programs, policies, and Institutions. India Space Week will be celebrated by a network of over 1,000 space-related Institutions, the largest such network in the India, according to India Space week. Anyone, from anywhere in the India, can create a India Space Week event. The theme is a guideline for creating events, however, India Space Week accepts the registration of any space-related events which start or end from 12 to 18 August as an official India Space Week event. ISW encouraged to participants for participate in essay competition, drawing and painting - coloring, space costume event, space fashion show competition in their activities and promotional materials. How do you celebrate India Space Week? How to organize India Space Week event. Please click here to join India Space Week.